Coco Austin Ignores Ugly Insults About Her 2-Year-Old Daughter

Coco Austin is becoming better and better at ignoring trolls on social media.

Austin, 38, took her and Ice-T's 2-year-old daughter, Chanel, to see Santa Claus for the first time this Christmas and as usual, shared the experience on her social media accounts.

"Chanel's first Santa experience was awesome.. She wouldn't totally sit on his lap but she did say I love you and gave him a dap," Austin wrote on Christmas Day. "I went with all my sister kids the 1st time then we went the next day (Christmas eve) to see Santa and his village again.. I had so many good pics when i got home I didn't know which ones to post!"

While many wished Austin and Chanel a Merry Christmas and commented on the toddler's wide grin and "adorable" dimples, others took to the comment section with negativity.

"Finally you're appropriately dressed as a mom around your beautiful daughter," one person wrote on Instagram.

One person defended the Ice Loves Coco star, writing that it was "time to stick up for Coco and her daughter. Some people are so rude. That little girl is cute as can be. How can anyone on this green Earth call that toddler ugly when in fact she is not? I wonder if people calling a little toddler ugly have looked in the mirror at themselves today."

Austin ignored the ugly comments while likely celebrating Christmas, but it isn't her first time dealing with hurtful comments on social media when it comes to Chanel.

Before the holidays, Coco posted online about bringing Chanel to a nail salon for a mani-pedi, where she was called "white trash" among other things.

In August, Austin was berated for allowing Chanel to drink soda while on vacation at Disneyland.

"Try not to give her Coca Cola. They get addicted! I know this by experience," one social media user wrote.

"A couple sips here and there startes (sic) to become a habit then before u know she will want it all the time because her body will become addicted," another wrote.


Austin was even bashed for wearing her hair a certain way earlier in July, but criticism doesn't seem to faze her. Read Austin's response here.

Austin and Ice-T welcomed Chanel into the world in November 2015 after 13 years of marriage.