Carrie Underwood Shares Hilariously Relatable Parenting Post

Being one of the highest grossing country stars doesn't mean Carrie Underwood doesn't have to deal with some of parenthood's grosser mishaps.

The singer posted an adorable picture of her son Isaiah rocking a diaper and fedora.

"Some mornings, pants are optional...even when the fedora is not," she wrote, before admitting, "Just kidding, we had a blowout."

The post was aptly tagged "#KeepingItReal #momlife."


Her followers, especially fellow moms, have gotten a kick out of the down-to-earth post, sharing their own anecdotes about "blowouts" and thanking her for giving a peek behind the scenes of her extraordinarily ordinary parenting struggles.

This isn't the first time the superstar has shared some of the realer sides of motherhood. It just goes to show, diapers really are the great equalizer.