Kate Hudson's Son Calls Her out for New Video

Kate Hudson shared a sweet family video on social media this week, but her teenage son was not happy. Hudson's clip included her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, and all three of her kids. However, 15-year-old Ryder Robinson said that she should have asked his permission before putting the clip up.

Hudson and her family all crammed into the frame for her video on Saturday. Fujikawa held their daughter, 11-month-old Rani Rose in his arms, while 8-year-old Bingham Bellamy sat on the floor in front of the camera. Ryder sat wedged between two arm chairs, right between Fujikawa and Hudson.

In the video, Hudson and her kids sang "Happy Birthday" to her brother, Oliver Hudson, who did not live near enough to celebrate with them in person. However, as Hudson soon learned, the video was intended for internal family sharing only, and she may have taken it too far by posting it publicly online.

"Mom you didn't ask me if you could post this," Ryder wrote in the comments. He included an eye-rolling emoji and a crying-laughing emoji, leaving fans unclear how upset he really was.

Hudson responded with a single emoji -- the smiling face surrounded by hearts. She tagged her son in the comment. Fans related to the exchange a lot, knowing how treacherous it can be to deal with a teenager on social media.

"Mother’s [huh?] I am one but still, I am a daughter and I still give my mom crap about what she does," one fan wrote with laughing-crying emojis and see-no-evil emojis.

"At least I'm not the only one with a teenager," added another.

"Lol, I’m 33 and my mom still 'embarrasses' me without asking. I know I’ll be the same with my three girls their whole lives long. It’s all outa love!" a third person wrote. "Y’all sounded good, though. Honest!"

Hudson had Ryder in her first marriage to Chris Robinson, the frontman for the band The Black Crowes. They married in 2000 and had Ryder in 2004. The couple divorced not long after. Hudson's publicist announced the separation in August of 2006, and Robinson filed the official paperwork in November. The divorce was finalized in October of 2007.


The former couple has joint custody of Ryder, as Hudson has with her other kids as well. She had Bingham with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy in 2011 but ended their engagement in 2014. They, too, are on good terms as co-parents.

Now, Hudson and Fujikawa seem happy and stable together, raising their daughter along with Hudson's other sons. The couple welcomed Rani Rose last October.