Watch: Ashton Kutcher Goes Shirtless, Cuts up With Wife Mila Kunis on 'Tonight Show'

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, production on TV shows and movies are being forced to either postpone or reinvent themselves to form into this new way of living, and that's precisely what Jimmy Fallon did with the Tonight Show. In a recent episode, he hosted couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis as they played a hilarious game, resulting in Kutcher taking his top off! The new game is called "Voice Swap" where Fallon asks one person a question, and they have to moved their mouths while the other person actually voices an answer.

In the hilarious clip, Kutcher and Kunis answer questions for each other and while Kutcher seemingly holds himself together without much laughter, Kunis let the tears roll as she laughed so hard during their bit. The first questioned kicked off by asking Kunis how she was doing. At first, both were tripped up on how the game operated but after a quick laugh, they got the hang of things. So Kutcher answered for her, she described how she was opened up to the "wonderful energy of the world" in a hilarious response. Following that, they went back and forth answering questions for one another, at one point, Kunis describing why she could never be on SNL since she's not able to hold back her laughter.

"I don't know how people keep a straight face!" she said after Kutcher answered for her in the previous question jokingly stating she had elbow cancer in a dream she once had. "Do you know what my worst fear [is] and I said I'll never do it? Is SNL because of this," as she wipes tears of laughter away. "I enjoy laughter, I have a very hard time holding it down," she concluded before her husband chimed in to poke fun at Fallon saying he and Kunis would have made a great pair on the show, considering Fallon always cut-up during his days on the famous show.

Towards the end of the video, Kutcher ends up with his shirt off after Fallon asks him what he's most excited to do when things open back up. Kunis hilariously answers for him, mentioning he's going to go outside and run around naked. When Kunis says that, Kutcher then takes his shirt off and points out how his chest hair looks like the Batman symbol.


Since being quarantined, the couple have come up with their own wine to sell, dedicating all proceeds to be donated to charities of their choice. The two announced their exciting news in a video posted to YouTube, joking that these unprecedented times call for "more drinking."