'The Last Song' Fans Are Melting Over Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's Wedding

Miley Cyrus officially confirmed her wedding to Liam Hemsworth on Wednesday, prompting many fans [...]

Miley Cyrus officially confirmed her wedding to Liam Hemsworth on Wednesday, prompting many fans to revisit the movie where they first met: The Last Song.

Cyrus and Hemsworth's romance began nearly a decade ago on the set of The Last Song. Adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel, the movie followed an angsty teenage girl (Cyrus) stuck in the south with her estranged father (Greg Kinnear) for the summer. Along the way, she fell in love with a local boy (Hemsworth) and learned to love music again.

The love story touched the hearts of millions, and made Cyrus and Hemsworth one of America's favorite celebrity couples for years. Over the weekend, all of the culminated in their real-life wedding, which Cyrus revealed in photos on Wednesday on social media.

The reaction from fans was huge, and for many it called to mind the movie that started it all. Before long, The Last Song was a hot topic on Twitter. One of the first to bring the movie up with Nicholas Sparks himself.

"This makes me so happy," he wrote in a retweet of one of Cyrus' wedding photos. "Congratulations [Miley Cyrus] and [Liam Hemsworth]." Sparks added the hashtag "The Last Song" to his post.

Elswhere, many fans credited Sparks and the movie for bringing the happy couple together. Many tweeted that they would be watching the movie on Wednesday night in celebration of Cyrus and Hemsworth.

"Oh man now I need to watch The Last Song again," one person wrote.

"Can you imagine Miley and Liam showing their future kid The Last Song saying this is how they met," marveled another.

"If u don't watch The Last Song tonight to celebrate the marriage of Miley and Liam you're trash," declared a third fan.

Cyrus and Hemsworth dated on and off for many years between their days on that film set and their wintry wedding this weekend. They broke up several times, stoking the rumor mill and fighting off gossip articles. At one point, the two even called of their engagement for a time.

All of that seems to have paid off in the long run, however, as Cyrus and Hemsworth are as happy as can be in their new photos. Pictures from their wedding first emerged on Saturday night, and were quickly taken down. Many fans thought that Cyrus' younger sister, Noah had spilled the beans on Instagram as well. Finally, with the chaos of the holidays behind them, Cyrus posted the pictures herself on Wednesday afternoon.