'Shameless' Alum Laura Slade Wiggins Weds Stuntman Kyle Weishaar

Shameless alum Laura Slade Wiggins has married stuntman Kyle Weishaar in a low-key wedding [...]

Shameless alum Laura Slade Wiggins has married stuntman Kyle Weishaar in a low-key wedding ceremony down south.

The couple broke the big news to PEOPLE on Saturday, revealing they wed at the Historic Smithonia Farm in Colbert, Georgia. The wedding was described as a more-casual "boot wedding," with Wiggins rocking a pair of "bridal boots" as she walked down the aisle.

As for the pair's first dance, they chose a combination of Hall and Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True" and Joe Hisaishi's "A Song for Mothers and the Sea." They had a swing routine choreographed for the Hall and Oates selection, and a slow waltz for the Hisaishi track.

Other unique aspects of the wedding included Wiggins' canine companion Heri serving as the "best dog" and the reception being catered by Tom Little, who prepared and offering of smoked pork and brisket for the occasion.

The couple's story begins back in 2008 when Wiggins was working on a Sony TX7 that also featured Taylor Swift. Wiggins, who is best known as Karen Jackson on Shameless, remembers being fitted for a harness by a "cute stunt guy," which was Weishaar.

However, it was not until 2015 that the pair would meet again and start their relationship off proper.

"I didn't think we'd meet again, [but] about three years ago his best friend introduced us and we had an immediate connection," Wiggins told PEOPLE. "He is my true soulmate. When I met him, I felt like everything was falling apart, and he taught me to see past my circumstances and ultimately learn to love myself."

Weishaar adds, "I met the gal that I had been looking for all my life. I needed someone to go on life's adventures with me and be there for me when times got tough. She is all of that and so much more."

Now that they are officially husband and wife, the pair is looking ahead to the future and what adventures lie ahead.

"I can't wait to start the next chapter of my life with her, have a family together and come what may I know we will always love each other," Weishaar said. "As the Beatles said, 'Love is all you need,' and with Laura, I've found all the love I'll ever need."

Wiggins adds, "I love him for so many reasons," says Wiggins. "With Kyle, I am most excited to live a life with someone that understands me in ways that I often don't understand myself."

Photo Credit: Showtime