Nikki Bella and John Cena Reportedly Tell Friends They're Officially Over

Nikki Bella and John Cena are officially done. After calling off their wedding twice earlier this year, TMZ is reporting that the WWE stars are telling friends there's no more hope for them to get back together.

Sources close to the exes told the publication that the two continued to grow apart after their breakup on Total Bellas while Cena was filming in China.

Bella also realized watching Sunday's finale of her and sister Brie Bella's E! reality series how unhappy she was during their engagement, sources told TMZ, and how uncertain she was about their relationship. She is also reportedly moving out of their San Diego home together and focusing on finding her own spot and building her own career.

During Sunday's season finale of the reality series, Bella called off her wedding with Cena for a second time after realizing she wasn't convinced she could be happy in a marriage with him.

"It's tough, because he's fighting really hard for me," she told her family on the show. "There's something that is making me not feel like I can walk down that aisle. And that doesn't mean ever with him, I just can't do it right now."

She admitted that she still loved Cena and feels like she's "ruined everyone's fairytale," but didn't want to end up down the road in a marriage that was unhappy due to her desire to please other people.

"I didn't give myself long enough when we called it off the first time...I just realized there's deeper problems," she said of the first time she called off their engagement. "To have a happy, healthy lifetime with him, I have to take a while for myself."

In early July, Bella updated fans on their relationship in a YouTube video, saying the pair were "just friends" but trying to work things out.

"We are both working on each other and trying to work on us. We talk every day. He is not only my best friend, he is truly one of the most amazing people I've ever met, and he has patience with me, and he has really taught me a lot over the past few months. I think one of those things is an inner strength that I thought I had but didn't realize how strong I had it," she said, adding that Cena's time in China was "giving us this time in life to see what we want in the future."

We hope the former couple finds happiness either way.


Photo credit: Taylor Hill / Getty