Nikki Bella Got Cold Feet About John Cena Marriage During Bachelorette Trip

What should have been a celebration of Nikki Bella's love with John Cena was tainted with some [...]

What should have been a celebration of Nikki Bella's love with John Cena was tainted with some pretty serious doubts about their impending nuptials on Bella's end.

In a preview of Sunday's Total Bellas, Bella is trying to live it up with her girlfriends on a bachelorette trip to Paris, but doubts about her relationship with the WWE star start to sneak in.

When a friend asks if the Blockers star likes to travel to France as much as Bella does, the bride-to-be reveals that due to him constantly traveling for work, he's a bit of a homebody when he has time off. She also reveals that with both of their busy schedules, the couple has been struggling to connect.

"This past week he just thought, because he had the week off in San Diego, I was gonna take a week off," Bella tells her friend. "I'm like busier than ever. So he's like, 'I was really lonely.' I saw him every morning and every evening. Emails don't end just because you want my time. It's really tough."

Later, to the camera, she reveals the issues may be even more serious than just scheduling or mismatched ideologies about becoming parents.

"It's funny because, the closer and closer I'm getting to the wedding, the more of these deep feelings that I've had over the past six years just are coming to the surface," she admits.

The couple would call off their May wedding in April, but have been staying close and working on their relationship, Bella revealed in a YouTube vlog on July 1 that the two are "just friends" for now.

"We're working on each other and trying to work on us, and we talk every day," she said.

"It's giving us this time in life to see what we really want for the future," she said of Cena filming The Janson Directive in China right now. "I know for some people, because of the media or what they read on social media, they look at this as a very negative thing, but... I don't want to be someone who gets a divorce, or who has kids and gets a divorce. I truly want to walk down that aisle, I want to give my vows and I want this to be one time."

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