Nicole Kidman Reveals Her Very Appropriate Nickname for Husband Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been married for nearly 14 years, and one of the many things the Oscar winner loves about her musical husband is his calm personality. In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kidman revealed one of her nicknames for Urban, sharing that she calls him her "mellow muso." Muso is an Australian slang term for musician and both Kidman and Urban hail from the land down under.

"He's pretty much the flip side of neurotic," she said of her husband, later sharing that he would be the person she called during a crisis or emergency. Kidman also opened up about life with the couple's two daughters, Sunday Rose, 11, and Faith Margaret, 9, explaining that she and Urban have "a system worked out to keep the family together" amid her and Urban's incredibly busy careers. "When Keith's not touring, it's much easier," she said. "He'll be on tour next year, and then I just don't work as much. Literally — it will become imbalanced, and we will change it."

The Big Little Lies star added that she will "pass on films" to ensure her family stays together. "We don't have the answers, but the one thing we do know is that we will not jeopardize us," she said. For now, the family is spending plenty of unexpected downtime together due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has led them to quarantine at home.

"Everybody's healthy and staying active," Urban recently told Entertainment Tonight. "Lots and lots of family time. I'm actually really enjoying that, honestly." The singer added that his family has been "creative," which is key for him. "I guess no matter what you do or where you are, somehow we've got to keep staying as creative as we possibly can — so a guy like me doesn't go crazy," he explained. "[We are] just being creative as a family with how we use our time and help other people in any ways we can do, even if it is something like an at-home concert. It's our little bit to try and help out."


In early April, the "Polaroid" singer told ET that getting outdoors was also an important part of the family's time at home. "It's early days, still, in a lot of ways, but it's been a very vibrant house," Urban said. "Lots of games. Uno, Apples to Apples, What Do You Meme? was another one we just got into the other day. Music around the piano and dancing, little bit of getting out in the backyard which has been such a godsend for us."