Matt Damon Seemingly Hints Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Relationship Is 'True Love'

After Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck confirmed their relationship on social media over the weekend, Affleck's good friend Matt Damon has seemingly been given the green light to comment on the duo's rekindled relationship during the press tour for his film Stillwater, which recently stopped by SiriusXM. "You're very happy for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez," co-host Jess Cagle told the actor, joking, "I know you love getting asked about that."

"Right," Damon replied. "But how else would I be? Like, would I be unhappy? Like, I hate true love." "That would be the headline," Cagle said as Damon cracked, "It sucks. Yeah. Yeah. I wish them nothing, but you know, hardship." On Monday, Damon visited with Extra, where he was also asked about Bennifer's romantic reunion. "I'm just so happy for him," he said. "He's the best. He deserves every happiness in the world. I'm glad for both of them."

Damon himself recently had a reunion with Affleck with the two teaming up professionally to co-write the script for their upcoming film The Last Duel with Nicole Holofcener. "It was so fun," Damon told SiriusXM of writing with Affleck again. The two friends won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 1998 for their film Good Will Hunting, and Damon shared that their writing process was noticeably different this time around.

"It was an entirely different experience because we had no idea what we were doing last time," he explained. "We knew nothing about structure or anything. We were just writing scenes and jamming them together. So it was a really inefficient way to write. And I think we avoided writing together all these years because we both, each of us were like, 'Well, we'd never have time to do that.' We've got families and we've got, other careers, you know, it's just way too time-consuming."


"And yet we found this time around when we actually did an outline for what we were going to write and had an idea of what we were doing every day," he continued. "And we actually wrote really fast. And I think that was just a product of having made movies for 30 years. We kind of finally picked up on the structure bit." The Last Duel is based on the book The Last Duel: A True Story of Trial by Combat in Medieval France by Eric Jager and will be released on Oct. 15.