Liam Hemsworth Scares Fiancee Miley Cyrus in Hilarious Video: 'Almost Felt Bad'

Liam Hemsworth sure loves to tease fiancee Miley Cyrus.

The actor took to Instagram to show a video of when he caught the "Rainbowland" singer off guard hours after he shared a sweet photo of them taking their dogs on a walk Tuesday.

"Strolls with my girls," Hemsworth captioned the selfie of Cyrus looking off in the distance, seemingly unaware he was taking a photo.

However, the serenity did not last long as the Hunger Games star posted video of himself scaring Cyrus after dark with a loud scream that startles the former Disney star.

"Please excuse Miley's foul language. Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad...almost," Hemworth wrote on the caption along with a sunglasses emoji.

In another video, Hemsworth wore a black camouflage mask as Cyrus says, "Look at me, baby. What about me?"

"You're not hidden like I am," he told her as she said, "Please don't hit the deer. Look at the babies, they're still lounging."

Immediately after, Hemsworth stepped on the brakes scaring Cyrus causing her to scream.

"My f— neck!" she said.

Gets her every time 😂

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The actor has posted videos of himself scaring Cyrus a few times in the past. Back in July, as the couple faced rumors that they had split, he posted a video showing fans they were still together.

In that video, which was shared to Hemworth's Instagram Story, the couple is jamming out in a car together before he screamed and scared Cyrus.

"I'm gonna beat the s—" the singer said before stopping herself from finishing the sentence.

Cyrus has been keeping a low profile this summer, as reports say she has been working on new music.

Producer Mark Ronson, who worked with Lady Gaga on her Joanne album, as well as with Bruno Mars and many others, also revealed in June he was working with Cyrus.


"I don't even know if this pic is real or fake because I was so busy giving stRong JEW STEEL to the camera, I was unaware of who was to my left or right," Ronson wrote, referring to his serious look in a photo of the pair. "All I know is, the girl in this snap helped me write one of my favorite songs. Coming soon x."

Cyrus also recently blacked out her social media and has stayed silent for a few months, a signal that for pop stars such as Taylor Swift has signaled the beginning of a new era in their careers.