Kelly Ripa Jokes About Needing 'Plastic Surgery' to Get Husband Mark Consuelos' Body

If Kelly Ripa ever wants to achieve her husband Mark Consuelos' toned physique, she'll need "plastic surgery." During the Wednesday, Sept. 25 episode of LIVE! With Kelly and Ryan, the daytime talk show host, 48, joked about the "outrage" of her husband's body after co-host Ryan Seacrest said that Consuelos sent him a shirtless photo.

"He sent me a photograph of himself a couple of weeks ago," Seacrest told Ripa. "He said, 'Don't show Kelly.'"

Ripa, according to PEOPLE, said that her husband's physique is "an outrage" and that she is often "irritated" by it as he has to put in minimal effort.

"I would need a plastic surgeon," she said of her husband's "shredded and glistening" appearance, which has been seen countless times thanks to his role of Hiram Lodge on The CW's Riverdale.

"Whereas Mark just needs to not drink half-and-half for one cup of coffee," she continued. "He's like, 'Oh I didn't drink half-and-half and then I took a steam shower. I think I look pretty good, what do you think?' I'm like, 'I can't talk to you anymore.' That's a bunch of B.S. It's nonsense. Isn't that irritating? It's an outrage."

Ripa went on to state that men over 40 "don't suffer the way" women do, though she us lucky that "my TV show requires that I wear clothes for all times."

The host, who humorously recalled on Tuesday's episode her experience getting a mammogram, did admit that she isn't entirely unlucky, as she has a high metabolism, which allows her to indulge in certain foods.

"I have the metabolism and the blood type that eats carbs. That burns pasta," she told her viewers. "I eat bread and I eat pasta. But they tell me that that's not so healthy — an all-pasta, all-carb diet — and that I should have proteins and vegetables. But I swear, that makes me sick."

The Wednesday episode came just a few short days after she returned to the morning talk show after a bout with a severe illness. Speaking Monday, her first day back on the job after missing several episodes the week prior, Ripa revealed that she had been "doubled over" before she eventually sought medical attention.

"I was doubled over. [But] in my mind, I was standing upright and I looked great. And I kept thinking, 'Wow, you know what, I'm a trooper. You would never know I'm sick.' And they were like, 'Are you dying?' she said. "You know when you walk into a room and everyone backs out of the room? I was that person."


Ripa did not reveal what illness she was suffering from, though it was severe enough to cause her to miss the tail end of last week, marking one of only a handful of occasions she has missed a show since she began hosting LIVE! back in 2001.