Jack Osbourne Allegedly Apologizes for Punching Ex's Boyfriend, Avoids Charges

Jack Osbourne has reportedly apologized to his estranged wife's new boyfriend after punching him in the head.

As previously reported, Osbourne threw a punch at Michael Gabel during an argument last week. Gabel has been dating Osbourne's wife, Lisa Stelly, since she filed for divorce back in May. Now, TMZ reports that Osbourne regrets the attack, and has apologized. Sources close to him said that he called Gabel to apologize. Gabel reportedly apologized right away.

The outlet also states that Gabel will not be pressing charges over the attack. The calm resolution is welcome after the reported drama on the day in question. Osbourne was reportedly stopping by the home he still shares with Stelly on Monday, July 30, and Gabel arrive shortly after him.

Sources said that Osbourne was infuriated to see Gabel in his Studio City home. After exchanging a few harsh words, Osbourne landed one punch directly on Gabel's head. After that, he stormed off of the property.

The attack was severe enough to warrant police response. They filed a report of a domestic battery, but all parties involved were uncooperative with their investigation.

It is unclear what precipitated Osbourne and Stelly's split. The couple has three children — Pearl, 6; Minnie, 5 and Andy, 3. In her divorce filing, Stelly sought physical custody and spousal support. The couple addressed their split in a joint statement on Instagram at the time.

“The news about us separating has probably come as a bit of a shock to everyone,” the statement read. “But, we just want to clear the air and share with you what’s going on. So, first and foremost, we absolutely still love each other. Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we tried everything we could for many years to make this work. What’s best for our family right now is that we separate lovingly, and remain best friends who are committed to raising our children together.”

Since then, they have kept more or less to themselves about the process, though Osbourne told Us Weekly that they are "trucking along" back in July. He also talked about their plan for co-parenting going forward.


“I think people put so much emphasis into, ‘Oh, I’m going to raise my kid to be like this. I’m going to raise my kid to be like that,’ but for me, I’m in the business of making good citizens," he said. "I just want a good human being to just do good. That’s it. I don’t care what it is as long as it’s positive and good, and you’re not making some weird life choice that ends up hurting people.”

He added, “Like I said, I’m in the business of making good citizens.”