Gwen Stefani Thinks It's 'Pretty Cute' When People Call Blake Shelton Her Husband

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating for five years and are not married, but the No Doubt singer doesn't mind when people mistakenly refer to Shelton as her husband. "Do you know how many people say my 'husband' about him?" Stefani told Extra last week. "I guess we're just together."

"People got used to it or something like that," she added. "But it's pretty cute." Stefani did confirm that "he's not" her husband, despite continual rumors to the contrary. Stefani was previously married to ex-husband Gavin Rossdale from 2002-2016 , and the pair shares three sons, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo. Shelton was married to Kaynette Williams from 2003-2006 and Miranda Lambert from 2011-2015.

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Stefani and Shelton have recently been filming The Voice together in Los Angeles after spending much of quarantine at Shelton's ranch in Oklahoma, though Stefani shared that her boyfriend had just headed back home for a visit.

"He left to go back to Oklahoma. That’s, like, the first time we've been apart in six months," she said. "But to be able to pause for a minute and be there with the boys and be in Oklahoma… he really has a stunning ranch."

The singer added, "We were a grandma and a grandpa on a farm!"

In a recent promo video for the new season of The Voice, the couple opened up about their quarantine together, which, for Shelton, involved learning how to make jam.


"This summer during quarantine, I learned how to make jam," he said in the clip, which also provided photo proof. "I have about six or eight peach trees, and every year they make a bunch of peaches and we eat them. But this year, since we were there and there were so many and there was nothing else to do, we got online and we learned how to make jam. We've made, like, cases of peach jam. That's a lot of work! Probably will never do that again but I know how to do it."

Stefani added that the time with Shelton and her sons was "magical." "We don't ever have that much solid time together," she explained. "We did do a lot of fun stuff. We did a lot of cooking. I learned how to make sourdough bread like everybody else; it took me like a month to get the starter right. We did so much stuff. We built a garden. We planted zinnias. I mean, we planted thousands of zinnia flowers. It was a lot of stuff that you dream about doing that you never have time to do."