Ed Sheeran Says He Once Posed as Calvin Harris to Get Into a Party

You would think Ed Sheeran wouldn’t have to name drop anyone but himself to get into a party, but you would be wrong.

While out promoting his new album Divide, Sheeran admitted he once snuck into Madonna’s manager’s house party.

"I went to an Oscars party at Madonna's manager's house by saying I was Calvin Harris," he admitted to Shoboy and Nina on 92.3. "It was at a time when no one knew what he looked like. He was just the DJ name, and I was with my cousin and Rita Ora."

He continued, "Rita Ora was with Calvin Harris at this point. She said Calvin's on the list but I know he's not coming, so just say that you're him."

Obviously, it worked out, the “Castle on the Hill” singer shared that as soon as he walked in he saw Prince and Calvin Harris was in there already as well.

Now he has no need to sneak into parties because he’s a household name. Last week Sheeran dropped two singles “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape Of You” that will be on his upcoming album dropping March 3rd.

"I think it was quite hard to kind of pinpoint what song to go with to represent the album, so I thought I'd pick two that were kind of opposing ends of the album and release them at the same time," he said. "And also, since I've been away, the way that albums are being released are now you have to just kind of make up your own rules."


He continued, "There's no rulebook to follow, so you just have to do things that people aren't doing and I thought making two double A-side singles with two videos that go to radio at the same time, it's a talking point. And even if only one of the songs works, it still got people to talk about them."


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