Dennis Quaid Engaged to 26-Year-Old Laurie Savoie, and the 'Parent Trap' Jokes Are Rolling In

It was recently announced that Dennis Quaid is now engaged to his 26-year-old girlfriend Laurie [...]

It was recently announced that Dennis Quaid is now engaged to his 26-year-old girlfriend Laurie Savoie, and social media has been rolling out tons of Parent Trap jokes ever since the news was shared. Quaid appeared in the classic Disney film remake in 1998, which was about twin sisters learning about one another's existence for the first time, and then finding out that their father is about to remarry a younger woman. The real-life situation is vaguely similar, as Quaid has fraternal twin children — Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, born via surrogate — whom he shares with ex-wife Kimberly Buffington.

Now, Twitter users are unleashing all the Parent Trap jokes they can muster, with one person tweeting, "I hope Lindsey (sic) Lohan breaks up their engagement with her twin (also Lindsey Lohan) so Dennis Quaid can marry his long lost lover. That would be a twist."

Another user added, "The fact that part of the plot of The Parent Trap, released 21 years ago, is that it's messed up that Nick Parker was engaged to 26yo Meredith Blake."

Quaid's Parent Trap co-star Elaine Hendrix also made a joke about the news, tweeting out, "Watch out for those twins."

"There's the twins from Parent Trap, but also his twin daughters from when his character was with another pretty, young blonde, Brooklyn Decker, in What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)! So there are two sets of twins to watch out for!" one of her followers later pointed out.

While jokes about Parent Trap have been common, most seem to be divided over their opinions on the near-40-year age-gap between Quaid and his future bride, with one person saying, "Look, I don't want to be unkind about this -I'm married to someone younger than me- but not 39yrs younger than me. At 26, she doesn't know who she even is yet, and at 65, he has lived the majority of his life. They're in wildly different places with wildly different priorities.

Someone else offered an opposing stance, stating, "Well, she's quite beautiful. Who can blame him? If they're happy why doesn't anyone care? Fred Astair's second wife was 45 years his junior. Tony Randal, at the age of 75, married a 25 year old who gave him 2 children. Oh, none of our business."

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