Chris Brown Just Slid Into Rihanna's Instagram Comments and the Internet's Not Having It

Chris Brown dropped a comment on one of Rihanna's Instagram posts on Saturday, and her fans got very protective.

Brown and Rihanna had a famously tumultuous relationship, culminating in Brown being convicted of felony domestic assault. The two singers got back together briefly after the ordeal before splitting for good, but it looks like Brown still might not be over her.

On Saturday, Rihanna posted a few photos promoting her new lingerie line made in collaboration with Fenty. The Savage x Fenty products are red and black, with "naughty" written in sinister print along the waistband.

(Photo: Instagram @badgalriri)

"We getting NAUGHTY-not-NICE this season!" Rihanna wrote. "[Savage x Fenty] just dropped The Ultimate Gift Guide to help you shop gifts for everybody in ya life!! Hit up to get 50% off everything for a limited time!"

Brown's comment had no words, and consisted simply of a wide-eyed, blushing emoji. Still, for some fans, that was just too much. They replied in comments of their own, as well as diatribes on other social media platforms as the post echoed across the internet.

"Chris Brown had the f—ing audacity to comment on Rihanna's [Instagram]," one person wrote, "[What the f—]."

"Why the f— is Chris Brown commenting on Rihanna's instagram post," asked another incredulously.

One fan even tagged Brown in an all-caps post, demanding: "STAY AWAY FROM RIHANNA."

As some fans pointed out, Brown seems to behave strangely when it comes to his ex's social media presence. One fan claimed to have noticed Brown repeatedly following and then unfollowing Rihanna, commenting on posts awkwardly and liking certain posts in a cyclical manner.

Brown and Rihanna first began seeing each other in 2008. Things seemed all right between them until 2009, when a particularly grisly attack left marks on Rihanna, bringing their violent rapport behind closed doors into the public eye. Rihanna was left with cuts and bruises, and finally decided to take Brown to court.

Brown pled guilty to felony assault, accepting a plea deal that meant he would be punished with community service and five years of probation, as well as mandatory counselling.

Still, the couple was back together in 2012, much to the chagrin of Rihanna's defensive fans. At the time, She told Vanity Fair that she felt conflicted over how the incident had effected Brown's public image.

"I was very protective of him," she said. "I felt that people didn't understand him. Even after... But you know, you realize after a while that in that situation you're the enemy."


The reunion did not last long, as they broke up again in 2013. To whatever extent Rihanna forgave Brown, it is clear that her fans never have.