Chip Gaines Reveals the Hilarious Way Wife Joanna Keeps Him in Line

Even Chip Gaines and his wife, Joanna have some tense moments in their relationship.

The former Fixer Upper stars frequently saw on the show moment when Gaines' hilarious dad jokes sometimes were met with a frustrated look from his wife. However, Gaines recently opened up about how the 15-year marriage has its moments of tension when he goes off the rails.

In an interview with Cowboys & Indians, Gaines described what happens when he's "in the doghouse" with his wife.

"When either of us are off the tracks or kind of lost our minds in one way or the other, you know, a little look, a little side eye certainly goes a long way for sure," he told the outlet. "And she's got a nasty one. She's scary."

Despite Joanna's intimidating side-eye, the couple has managed to stay strong and the ultimate couple goals for many through five season of the show, a business empire and five children.

"Jo and I know each other; we have always been really good to each other," he explained of their relationship. "We believe that part of the magic in our marriage is just the simple fact that we care sincerely about one another."

The couple, who recently welcomed their fifth child, Crew, in June may strong enough to welcome a new member to the family soon. Gaines recently teased the possibility of a sixth child back in October.

"I think we have to have another one because I'm particular about the only child thing," Gaines told PEOPLE at the time. "Crew needs a sister to manage this whole thing out. Don't be surprised if No. 6 is in the cards!"

Along with Crew, Gaines and his wife are also parents to daughters Ella and Emmie Kay and sons Drake and Duke.

"It's hard to believe this little turkey will only be 10 years old when Emmie is graduating from high school," he noted of Crew.


Missing the Gaines family on television? Don't worry, as the family will be premiering their own network soon.

"We signed a non-disclosure and it said quote unquote you can tell your mother, but that's it," Gaines said when he and Joanna first announced it. "So mom, I just wanted to make a quick announcement, we are coming back to television. You are going to get to see the kids grow up, you are going to see us — well maybe a six-month delay like the rest of the world — but we are excited to be back."