Blac Chyna Claims Self Defense in Alleged Christmas Assault of Rob Kardashian

On Tuesday, Blac Chyna responded to a lawsuit dating back to Christmas 2016, when she allegedly assaulted Rob Kardashian.

Chyna told the judge that any aggressive behavior was in defense of both herself and others, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

The new filing from Chyna and her lawyers state although she acted violently on Dec. 14, 2016, it was "caused and necessitated by the actions of Plaintiffs, and was reasonable and necessary for Defendant's self-defense and defense of others."

The new documents make no mention of the related lawsuit, where Kylie Jenner is suing Chyna for vandalism to pay for the damage to her house. The incident took place in a residence that Jenner was renting to Kardashian at the time. Jenner has valued the damage at $100,000.

As far as the father of Chyna's child is concerned, Chyna and her legal council want the suit thrown out, and they refuse to give Rob Kardashian anything in the way of a settlement.


Kardashian's testimony states that Blac Chyna was on a volatile cocktail of excess alcohol and drugs on the day in question. He says she flew into a fury and attacked him, beating him repeatedly on the head and face, and chasing him when he tried to get away.

Kardashian even claims that Chyna tried to strangle him with her iPhone charging cable a few times. He says that in her rampage, the reality star broke down a door, trashed a few cell phones, damaged a TV and some walls, and even smashed a holiday gingerbread house. He's brought charges of assault, battery, and vandalism against her.