Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers Say Award Shows Make for Awful Date Nights

Armie Hammer is on the awards show circuit this season thanks to his role in Call Me By Your Name and that means a new glamorous gala to attend almost every week with wife, Elizabeth Chambers, but they don't exactly make for great date nights.

When asked if all these red carpet events make for great dates, the two quickly told Entertainment Tonight, "No!"

"This would be a terrible date," the 31-year-old Hammer said at the Critics' Choice Awards red carpet Thursday.

When asked what the perfect date night would be for the couple, Chambers replied, "Alone time with sushi."

"It's alone time, but yeah," Hammer agreed. "I'd rather go to sushi somewhere quiet."

Hammer and the 35-year-old Chambers have been married since 2010. They have two children, daughter Harper and son Fred. Fred celebrates his first birthday on Jan. 15.

"We're having a Peter Rabbit party with real rabbits," Chambers told ET.

"We invited all of our friends who happen to have kids the same age, and it'll be just like a nice excuse to get together with our friends," Hammer said.

In Call Me By Your Name, Timothee Chalamet stars as Elio, a teenager who falls in love with Oliver (Hammer) in Italy in 1963. The acclaimed drama earned three Golden Globe nominations and four BAFTA Awards. The film was also among the Top 10 best films of the year according to the American Film Institute.

While on The Tonight Show, Chalamet admitted that he had a really awkward and close relationship with Chambers and Hammer.

"We had one rehearsal that was like a nice ice-breaker, and, you know, I don't have to tell the whole story, but that's my brother now," Chalamet told Jimmy Fallon. "We had the National Board of Review Awards last night, and then I was like — He's in bed with his wife last night, I'm in his hotel room, and I don't know what gave me like free license, I was like, 'Ah! I'm gonna get in there with you guys!'"

During a speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival earlier this month, Chalamet also thanked Chambers for "letting me crawl all over your husband for two months. Thank you for that.”

Photo credit: Instagram/ Elizabeth Chambers