Ariana Grande Reportedly Reacts to Mac Miller's Alleged Drug Dealer's Arrest

Ariana Grande hopes to see a guilty verdict for Mac Miller's alleged drug dealer, who is now facing charges over her ex-boyfriend's death. Miller passed away in September of 2018 due to an accidental drug overdose, and investigators believe Cameron James Pettit provided him with the illicit pills. Grande reportedly hopes to see him brought to justice.

Miller's death turned Grande's world upside down last fall, and she is still processing the tragedy. After dating for several years, Grande and Miller split in the spring. A few months later, Miller passed away, and Grande has been mourning ever since.

Sources close to the pop star have now told TMZ that she believes Pettit is guilty. To Grande, they said, Pettit was essentially taking advantage of someone who they knew was suffering from addiction and dealing with a relapse. As such, they say she believes he should face serious consequences for his role in Miller's death.

Furthermore, Grande reportedly believes that anyone who played any part in Miller's overdose should be held responsible. That includes two other drug dealers, according to prosecutors, as well as a prostitute and an accomplice who worked with Pettit as well.

For now, the sources said that Grande feels the beginnings of a sense of closure thanks to Pettit's recent arrest. They said that the pop singer knows this is far from the end, but she now sees the light at the end of the tunnel where justice could be served.

Law enforcement officials said that Pettit could face charges of drug trafficking, with the punishments enhanced by the fact that his activities resulted in a death. However, they said that there is more investigation required to solidify this case. Pettit also faces a charge of distributing a controlled substance.

Pettit was taken into custody on Wednesday. He is being held without bond until his arraignment, scheduled for next month. Investigators say that he gave Miller counterfeit oxycodone pills which were laced with fentanyl, a powerful opiate which has led to many overdoses in recent years. Two other drug dealers may have supplied Miller with fentanyl-laced drugs.


The one-year anniversary of Miller's death came on Saturday, and fans gathered online to mourn. The rapper was 26 years old when he passed away, with a long history of substance abuse and mental health issues. Miller had been confessional about his habits in his music, but he had also been celebratory during the good times. This made it all the more heartbreaking when he relapsed following his split from Grande.