Brandi Cyrus Reveals Miley Cyrus' Reaction to Wedding Photos Leaking

Brandi Cyrus recently revealed how Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth reacted to their wedding photos leaking.

Cyrus, who is Miley's older half-sister, spoke with Bachelorette alum Wells Adams on the Your Favorite Thing podcast, and shared that Miley “doesn’t really care” about the public finding out about her nuptials.

“Whenever they’ve talked about getting married, they’ve always wanted to keep it very small and it just be the family and just be at the house. That’s always been what they wanted,” Cyrus said. “Honestly, Miley’s only friend that was there was her best friend, Jessie, and Liam had a handful of his friends there that were there from Australia.”

She went on to say that they couple only invited “a very, very small, tight-knit group of people,” explaining, “Even with family and close friends, they still made a point to say, ‘Hey guys, this is a private thing for a reason. We love you all, but please don’t take photos.’ "

However, one of Hemsworth's friends, Conrad Carr, apparently did not hear their request and so he posted photos and video of the small event on his Instagram Stories thread. “He feels really bad,” Cyrus stated. “I didn’t really ask what happened, but I think from what he said, no one told him not to post about it, so he didn’t know.”

Cyrus later spoke about the ceremony's attire, saying that her mom Trish Cyrus wore jeans because it was partly a casual affair, but admitted that the mother of the bride didn't wear denim for very long.

“Everyone was calling my mom out for having jeans on, but she actually changed clothes once we started to hang and do more of the party time after dinner. But during the ceremony and stuff, she had on black pants. But honestly, it was at the house and it didn’t feel like everyone needed to dress up, which was very nice.”

Notably, Adams previously joked about not being invited to the wedding himself, due to the fact that he and Cyrus have been friends for some time.


“You know, I thought I was really close with Tish [Cyrus]. I thought I was a memorable guy. It’s messed up that I wasn’t invited to the wedding. I thought [Billy Ray Cyrus] and I were close,” Adams joked to Us Weekly, then saying through fake tears, "I was just upset that I wasn’t there, you know?

Speaking more seriously, Adams later admitted, “I’m happy for them. I think everyone knew it was going to happen.”