Rusev and Lana Robbed in Memphis Hotel

If you're traveling to Memphis, TN this summer, you may want to cross the Sheraton off your list of potential hotels. A trio of WWE Superstars has accused the hotel of theft.

On Monday Rusev asserted via Twitter that he and Lana had things stolen from their hotel room.

"Thank you @sheratonhotels Memphis for “cleaning” the room and stealing my wife camera and my money from my wallet."

This lead to Ryan Satin of ProWrestlingSheet to do some investigation which saw the Sheraton more or less slam the door on Rusev's claims.

"Just called the @SheratonMemphis for comment about @RealPaigeWWE, @LanaWWE and @RusevBUL claiming they had items stolen from their room.

The operator put me on hold, then picked up saying "no comment" and hung up on me before I could respond. Definitely hitting up corporate."

With no resolution in sight, Rusev is ready to pursue legal action.

"Dig in. I’m prosecuting. Especially after the head of security said it’s my fault for living my stuff in the room."

Paige also blasted the Sheraton for supplying an awful experience.


"If you’re in the Memphis area don’t EVER stay at the @SheratonMemphis it’s literally the worst. Things stolen, bad customer service and room service takes two hours just for a salad and WE are the inconvenience. Ugh. The worst."

This story is developing...