7-Year-Old Girl Gets in Trouble for Writing Her Name in Cursive at School

Kids get in trouble, it's a pretty common occurrence. Generally, you can count on the child getting reprimanded to have been responsible for some misbehavior. Hair-pulling, line-cutting, name-calling or some other common childhood misdeed. 

But when 7-year-old Alyssa got reprimanded by her teacher, it was for a very peculiar reason indeed - she had written her name in cursive. 

Atop the paper shared on Facebook the teacher had written, "Stop writing your name in cursive. You have had several warnings." 

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According to the friend of Alyssa's mother who shared the post on Facebook, her mother is a military veteran who had taken the time to teach her daughter how to write in cursive never imagining she would get in trouble for the skill. 

It is unclear why this particular teacher is against the writing type, but according to POPSUGAR, the skill is still taught in many elementary schools, and for good reason. 

Studies show that printing and cursive activate different parts of the brain and when children learn to write in cursive, they develop more fine tune motor skills and generate more words and ideas than children who simply print. 

We may not know why the teacher decided to get Alyssa in trouble for this, but we can rest assured that parents are outraged. One commenter even said, "Best of luck to any teacher who writes this on my children's papers!"

Hopefully Alyssa's teacher comes around! 


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