Ashley Graham Reveals Why She Didn't Have Sex With Her Husband Before Marriage

Ashley Graham has been having an incredible year so far, and the opportunities just keep coming.

She's celebrating the release of her book, her Vogue cover, her second collection for Swimsuits For All and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread, just to name a few of her 2017 accomplishments. The latest news for the body-pos model is an in-depth feature in New York Magazine, which was absolutely bursting with tidbits about the celebrity's life.

One detail that really stood out? The revelation that Graham and husband Justin Ervin waited until marriage to have sex.

Graham admitted that she had lost her virginity back in high school, but a series of bad breakups and even worse relationships had put a damper on her desire to date. Between formative relationships that "really made me hyperaware that I am a big girl, and that’s how people see me", as Graham said, and abusive relationships that dragged on out of a fear that future beaus wouldn't appreciate her body, Graham had been put through the ringer when it comes to love.

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When she met her now-husband, however, something felt different. Still, Graham wasn't about to jump into anything. She says the young couple had "12-hour dates" and, yes, an embargo on premarital sex. That doesn't mean that it wasn't on the brain for the couple, however.

Graham told the magazine she even "tested him out" ahead of time "by having him toss her around in different positions". And while Graham had previously pictured herself with a bigger guy, she says, "my husband weighs less than me, but he feels bigger than me." Swoon.

Now, the two are happily married and ultra-close, even if it hasn't always been smooth sailing. Graham revealed earlier this year that introducing Ervin, who happens to be African-American, to her midwestern family induced a bit of drama. "I naively hoped everyone would be color-blind—which is not what happened," Graham told Glamour of the incident.

But things have calmed down for the couple now, even as Graham's career continues to soar to ever-greater heights.

Photo credit: Instagram / @theashleygraham