'The Situation' Will Not Be Allowed to Drink During 'Jersey Shore' Reunion

One of the original Jersey Shore cast members will have to be the designated driver while filming the show's highly-anticipated reunion season.

Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino will not be able to sip on drinks while filming as that would violate the terms of his bail and land him in jail, according to The Blast.

The reality star was granted permission to go to Florida and film the series, while he awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to one count of tax evasion. He will be sentenced on April 25.

The Blast pulled Sorrentino’s original order setting conditions of his release from back in 2014, which states that he must “abstain from the use of alcohol.”The rules set in that order remain in effect until his sentencing.

However, Sorrentino’s lawyer told The Blast Friday that the Jersey Shore star has been sober for the last two years.

He celebrated being granted permission to attend the Jersey Shore family reunion with some Instagram posts Friday and Saturday.