Trish Stratus Shares Full Body Transformation and Comments on Royal Rumble Appearance

If not for the bombastic debut of Ronda Rousey or the hero's welcome Rey Mysterio received, the return of Trish Stratus would have been the best subplot of the 2018 Royal Rumble. However just a few months later, Stratus is getting the headlines she deserves.

In almost exactly one year, the WWE Hall of Famer went from expecting the mother to Royal Rumble entrant. And she just provided jaw-dropping evidence of her massive transformation.

Stratus shared a set of before and after photos to her Instagram along with an inspirational message to all women:

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 11.30.27 AM

If you had told me I would be celebrating my daughters first year birth month by kicking ass in a @wwe ring, I would have probably said 'get the F out of here'. But I did.

At 12 months postpartum, 12 years post retirement and 7 years since I've competed in a ring and since birthed 2 children - I did it.... I came. I fought. I stratusfied.


_______I AM WOMAN ✨__________________________

And can we talk about the 7 of the 30 women in the ring at the FIRST EVER ALL WOMEN Royal Rumble that are MOTHERS?? -

Just because I had a baby, doesn't mean I have to stop doing me. In fact, I am a stronger, wiser, more bad assy version of me, because trust me, birthing and babies do that to a woman! -

So let's take a minute to shout out to the mama's out there who are doing it, to the soon to be mama's - get ready to be a better, stronger version of you!

To @themickiejames @thebethphoenix@guerrero_vickie @saronasnukawwe@mimicalacool @thebriebella who showed us baby bumps to wrestling bumps is a thing 🙌🏼

Stratus' prodigal Rumble return set the Philadelphia audience on fire and her combustible altercation with Sasha Banks nearly blew the roof off the building. In fact, Stratus looked so impressive that fans were tossing around the idea of a real WWE comeback.


But don't count on it. Trish looks to be living the good life as a new mother and successful entrepreneur.