Stephen Amell Reveals 'Arrow' Version of Bullet Club Shirt

In preparation for appearing at Friday night's Ring of Honor show in San Antonio, Texas, Arrow star Stephen Amell joined Ring of Honor World Champion Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks for a meal at their favorite restaurant — Cracker Barrel.

As members of Bullet Club often do, the group posed in the rocking chairs outside the restaurant after they ate. But fans quickly noticed something interesting about the shirt Amell was wearing.

His shirt was an adaptation on the wildly popular Bullet Club t-shirt, this time with a mask over the skull, arrows instead of the usual guns and bullets and the words "Vigilante Club" across the top.

Ever since the Bullet Club formed in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2013 they've had a wide variety of shirts that sample the original Bullet Club logo. The Bucks, Rhodes, Marty Scrull, The Guerrillas of Destiny, Hangman Paige and Kenny Omega even have their own special versions you can buy at Hot Topic.


Could this tweet mean Amell — who is friends with Rhodes in real life — is joining Bullet Club as a special member? And where can we get our hands on one of those shirts? Stay tuned!