Rusev Makes WrestleMania US Championship Match a Fatal 4 Way

Rusev just proved that SmackDown Live is indeed the land of opportunity: he's going to WrestleMania.

After pinning US Champion Randy Orton to open SmackDown Rusev could smell an opportunity. He took his plea to Daniel Bryan and was granted entry into WrestleMania US Championship match, making it a Fatal 4 Way.

Rusev joins Jinder Mahal and Bobby Roode as the final suitor for Randy Orton's US Championship. Needless to say, today was a very good Rusev Day.

Despite being such a late addition, Rusev may be the match's official dark horse. While Roode and Mahal are certainly capable champions, neither have the established momentum of Rusev. Orton should still be considered a heavy favorite, but with a Superstar Shake-Up looming WWE may want to move Orton to Rw without Championship responsibilities. In short, Rusev could be WrestleMania's feel-good story.

The US Championship has endured a tumultuous 2018. It started with Dolph Ziggler winning, then hijacking the title only to relinquish back to Daniel Bryan. A tournament was held to determine a new Champion with the anticipation of Ziggler retuning to reclaim his title. That didn't happen and the tournament winner, Bobby Roode, took a turn with the prestigious belt.


However, his reign was short as Fastlane saw Randy Orton capture the belt making him WWE's latest Grand Slam Champion.

Orton has held the belt ever since, and barring a Rusev Day upset, will continue to be Champion for the foreseeable future.