Pabst Blue Ribbon Responds To New John Cena Shirt

(Photo: WWE)

WWE megastar John Cena will be returning to the WWE this coming Monday Night Raw after being sidelined since early January with a shoulder injury. Cena is actually returning early given the severity of the injury, but the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion is looking to make an impact once again in the company.

Like with most returning Superstars, WWE churned out new merchandise to celebrate a wrestler's return to the company, and Cena is no exception. However, one of his new shirts looks vaguely similar to a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

(Photo: WWE)

And unfortunately, PBR took notice and sent a funny, but stern message to the WWE via their twitter page.

It's unclear if the company is joking since they have to be aware about fair use parody laws and Cena has had similar shirts in the past resembling John Deere, AWA, Nintendo games, and others with no sign of trouble.


At press time, the shirt remains on