Jason Jordan’s Injury to Cost Him More Time

While Jason Jordan's injury is thought to be minor, WWE may be a little nervous about his [...]

While Jason Jordan's injury is thought to be minor, WWE may be a little nervous about his recovery.

Jason Jordan will be held out of action for the second straight weekend per a report from PWInsider. While the nature of his injury is still unknown, WWE keeping him on the shelf can either be cause for concern or simply be taken as a conservative measure to make sure he's ready for next weekend's Royal Rumble.

For what it's worth, Jordan did participate in RAW this week but did not wrestle. But he wasn't exactly dormant either. Jordan had multiple on-camera appearances and factored in the show's main event by tripping Finn Balor which leads an internet- breaking Curb Stomp by Seth Rollins.

If we had to guess, WWE is playing it safe with Jordan's injury. Given the course-altering setbacks suffered by Dean Ambrose, Samoa Joe, and Paige, WWE is probably tired of having to change plans on the fly. Seeing that Jason Jordan is set to defend his RAW Tag Team Championship with Rollins against Cesaro and Sheamus at the Rumble, WWE would prefer to keep all players intact for the match.

WWE looks to have taken a similar measure with Kevin Owens who is battling his own set of minor injuries. The former Universal Champion also missed shows over the past weekend and is likely to repeat the process this weekend.

Until further notice, expect Jordan to make his Royal Rumble date. WWE has put a lot of energy into his character and 2018 appears to be a promising year for the 29-year old. Embroiled in a tenuous relationship with Rollins and the main event level story with his father Kurt Angle, the smart money has Jordan competing in a significant Wrestlemania match.

But he has to get healthy first.