'Wheel of Fortune': Pat Sajak Has High Praise for Vanna White and His Daughter Maggie's Latest Episode

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak praised Vanna White's solo hosting performance during Monday [...]

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak praised Vanna White's solo hosting performance during Monday night's episode, and also had some kind words for the very special letter-turner standing in for White. The Wheel of Fortune team invited Sajak's daughter Maggie Sajak to step into White's shoes. White hosted several tapings of the show in November after Sajak had emergency surgery for a blocked intestine.

"Another nice job by [White] filling in this week on Wheel. I like the new puzzle person, too," Sajak tweeted.

In November, Sajak underwent successful surgery. While he was side-lined, White hosted several tapings of Wheel, with the first episode airing back on Dec. 20. Although Sajak-hosted episodes aired during the final week of 2019, another batch of White-hosted shows are airing between Monday and Jan. 10.

"This is a little complicated, so pay attention," Sajak said in a video released on Monday. "I was back from my surgery last week and had a wonderful time on the show, and I'm not going to be here this week. It's not that I had a relapse, it's just because of the technicalities of the taping order and all that. So you're going to see Vanna doing her Pat impression here. She does a great job. And we have a special letter toucher."

After the message, White introduced Maggie, 25, who received a warm welcome from the studio audience.

At the end of Monday's show, White introduced a 1996 clip showing Maggie's first time on the show. At the time, she had just turned 1 year old.

"I'm walking a little better now and hofeully I'm a little more eloquent than last time," Maggie joked.

After the episode aired, Sajak's fans praised Maggie's performance.

"Pat I am glad your health is better," one person wrote. "Praying for continued health. Maggie is a beautiful young woman. Great choice. She must know someone on the show."

"She's doing a great job!" another commented. "Both Vanna and your daughter!!"

"Your daughter is doing just fine and so is Vanna," another fan tweeted. "There's no shortage of beauty on the 'Wheel' but your wit is needed to provide balance."

Maggie is the younger of Sajak's two children with with Lesly Brown Sajak. She has an older brother, Patrick Michael James, 29.

Although White has been on Wheel of Fortune with Sajak since 1982, she is not interested in hosting more often.

"No. I like my puzzle board, I want to stay at my puzzle board," White told Esquire in a recent interview. "And there's no competition either. It's Pat's job, and I'm filling in for him. I'm not looking to take his position."

Photo credit: Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images