'Tosh.0' Ending at Comedy Central After 12 Seasons

Tosh.0 is ending at Comedy Central, after 12 Seasons and more than a decade on the network. According to The Wrap, the show's final season will debut on Sept. 15, and its final episode will air on Nov. 24. With more then 250 episodes, this brings Comedy Central's longest running weekly, live-action series to an end.

"I look forward to doing an animated reboot of my show on MTV in 25 years," host Daniel Tosh said in a very tongue-in-cheek statement. Earlier this year, Comedy Central renewed the show for four more seasons. Tosh also had signed a first-look deal. The Wrap states that someone with knowledge of the situation stated that ViacomCBS is working the comedian and his team to shop the show for a possible continuation elsewhere. The outlet also reports that the choice to end Tosh.0 is simply to shift its focus to adult animation programs, such as the upcoming reboots of Beavis and Butthead and The Ren & Stimpy Show and, the Daria spinoff, Jodie.

Tosh.0 is not the only casualty of Comedy Central's live-action ax on Thursday, as it was also announced that Emmy-nominated Drunk History has also been canceled. Derek Waters, the show's co-creator and host, also has a first-look deal which is reportedly still be honored. The show had already been in pre-production for Season 7, but there is no word on if any significant footage from that may eventually emerge. Two other live-action series, South Side and The Other Ones have been moved over to HBO Max.


The news of Drunk History has hit especially hard with audiences, and many have been taking to social media to lament it ending. "Maaaan, [Drunk History] was legit educational and I was a superfan long before I did it. I'm completely in love with [Derek Waters] and [Jeremy Konner] and I can't wait for their next adventure! I have never before and will never again come anywhere close to being that drunk," tweeted comedian Amber Ruffin, who was once a guest on the series. "Drunk History taught me more about Black, Latino, Queer and Women's history than school EVER did.," a dedicated fan added, praising the series.