TLC Announces 'Girl Talk' Special Featuring Michelle Obama, Kelly Clarkson, Kristen Bell and More

TLC announced an exciting new TV event on Tuesday called Girl Talk. The one-hour special will [...]

TLC announced an exciting new TV event on Tuesday called Girl Talk. The one-hour special will feature conversations with women from every socio-economic angle, including some incredibly high-profile guests. The special premieres on Thursday, March 25 on TLC, OWN and the new Discovery+ streaming service.

Girl Talk's guests include Michelle Obama, Lilly Singh, Julia Roberts, Shonda Rhimes, Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman, Andra Day, Kristen Bell, Naomi Osaka, Orlando Bloom, Shaun Robinson and more. The special will be hosted by Sofia Wylie and organized by PopSugar. It will also center around some targeted outreach programs, including the Girls Opportunity Alliance, which promotes education for adolescent girls. Obama is considered the keynote speaker of the night, but lots of conversations are in store.

The special is intended to advocate for learning and education as a means of empowerment among women, and to raise funds for organizations like the Girls Opportunity Allice that pursue that goal. In a statement about the special, Obama said: "Women's History Month is the perfect time to pay it forward to the next generation of girls and to ensure they receive the support that they so deeply deserve — especially after this challenging year with the pandemic."

"That's why I'm excited that we'll be able to come together with POPSUGAR to share the stories of the Girls Opportunity Alliance and to drive action during this pivotal moment for girls' education around the world," she concluded. Girl Talk is reaching out to women of all ages, as evidenced in both its lineup and its distribution. The special will be streaming on and PopSugar's TikTok, YouTube and Facebook channels.

"We are so excited to welcome this star-studded roster of phenomenal talent who support the mission of Girl Talk, which is to empower young girls around the world by advancing their education," said PopSugar's founder, Lisa Sugar. "We're thrilled to partner with Discovery to ensure that we can amplify this message and reach the largest audience possible across our respective digital and linear platforms to elevate this important cause."

"Empowering young women to take action and advocate for their educational aspirations is an extraordinary message to broadcast during a particularly meaningful and poignant time," added Discovery Inc.'s Kathleen Finch. "We are honored to share our Discovery platforms that reach more women than any other group of TV networks with the Girls Opportunity Alliance and POPSUGAR in celebration of Women's History Month."

The Girl Talk special will air on TLC, OWN, Discovery+ and the PopSugar social media livestreams on Thursday, March 25 starting at 9 p.m. ET. An encore broadcast will follow immediately at 10 p.m. ET.