'The View' Sparks Backlash for Calling out Roseanne Barr

Roseanne fans are not disagreeing with ABC's decision to cancel the series after Roseanne Barr's racist tweets, but they are calling the network out for keeping The View on the air.

ABC canceled the hit revival sitcom after Barr shared racist tweets, among them a claim former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett was a product of the Black Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.

ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey denounced the tweets and announced the series had been canceled Tuesday, leading many on social media to either agree with what had happened, or demanding the network doesn't stop there.

Many Barr supporters came out in support of the series, calling the network's action hypocritical after allowing The View talk show host Joy Behar, as well as other hosts, to stay on the air after making negative statements about President Donald Trump.

"Yes. Her tweet was terrible, But there is a swift and blatant double standard at play. Why haven't they canceled The View? I really liked Roseanne's show and thought they were trying to be unifying with the humor. Unfortunate missed opportunity," one user wrote.

Comments on social media only got more vibrant after The View hosts discussed the topic of Barr's firing on the show Wednesday morning, with Whoopie Goldberg clapping back at Barr for sharing a "horrific image" of the star.

"This is what I'm gonna say, Roseanne, just because you were caught with your pants down, don't try to drag other people down with you," Goldberg chided.

Co-host Meghan McCain also jumped in to defend Goldberg, saying that while she fully defends "free speech" she acknowledges that corporations have the right to set acceptability guidelines.

McCain also strongly criticized Barr for "dragging" Goldberg into her defense of her racist tweet.

"I've made it clear I think Roseanne's tweet was stupid & disgusting. But will Disney fire Joy Behar of The View? How about Keith Olbermann of ESPN? They've both sent out many disgusting tweets & outrageous statements. Have offended millions of conservatives. Disney doesnt care," another user wrote.


"Sarah Sanders slandered by words from a so called comedian. VP Pence &every Christian was insulted by ABC host on the view. Trump, family, &supporters slandered &called Nazis. Lib severs head of POTUS. No repercussions. Roseanne sends mean tweet. All hell breaks loose! Hypocrisy!"