'The View': Joy Behar in Hot Seat for 'Judgmental Tone'

Friday's episode of The View featured a rather awkward moment between Joy Behar and Ana Navarro. According to The Sun, the moment came as the group was celebrating Navarro's birthday, which actually fell on Dec. 28 during their holiday break. The co-hosts' interaction even prompted Navarro to say that Behar had a "judgmental tone" about how she decided to spend her 51st birthday. 

Navarro explained to the panel that she celebrated her birthday by attending a drag brunch in Miami. Her celebrations continued the next day along with her friend Gloria Estefan. She described how they "drank and sang and partied" at home "like it was 1999." This prompted Behar to ask, "How many margaritas?" When Navarro didn't answer, co-host Sara Haines quipped, "A lot of margaritas!" Behar asked again, "How many?" By then, it was clear that Navarro didn't appreciate this line of questioning or Behar's "tone" as she pressed the subject. 

"Many," Navarro said. "I don't like the judgmental tone." Behar replied, "I'm not judging. I was just asking because I know you love a margarita." Navarro shot back, "Yeah, and a tequila, and a rose." The rest of the panel tried to laugh off the awkward moment and they quickly moved on to another subject. If you're a fan of The View, you would know that moments such as these are par for the course. Behar, in particular, is frequently at the center of such tiffs on the series as she isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. 

The co-host was often at the center of drama when Meghan McCain was on the panel. In the fall of 2022, McCain opened up about how one of Behar's comments stuck with her and prompted her eventual exit from the show. The moment came in January 2021 shortly after McCain made her return from maternity leave. When she did return, Behar said on air that she did not miss her, and she didn't seem to be making a joke as she did so. 

"I finally went back to the show, and the day I went back to the show, Joy Behar said on air, 'Nobody missed you, we didn't miss you, you shouldn't have come back,'" McCain said on The Commentary Magazine Podcast. "And I just... I started hysterically crying. Sorry gentlemen, I know, I started lactating on air, and [I started] crying." Months after this interaction, McCain announced her exit from The View in July of 2021.