'The Talk' Host Carrie Ann Inaba Gushes She's 'So Excited' to Return to Studio for Season 11 Premiere (Exclusive)

Since March 12, the cast of The Talk has filmed the show from their respective homes as a result of the pandemic, but after seven months, the co-hosts are returning to the studio for the Season 11 premiere. Airing Monday, Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne, Eve and Sheryl Underwood will all make a return on a newly redesigned set with several new segments to introduce. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Inaba expressed her excitement for their studio return, as well as what fans can expect from this season's "Speak Up & Be Heard" theme.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so excited [...] our last episode that we filmed together on stage was March 12th, it's been a few months now and I think too many," Inaba said. "I missed the ladies. We are such close friends that even though we Zoomed in from home over the summer, just being in each others' presence again, it's just going to feel really good to be back in studio with the extended family of the crew and everybody who works on The Talk. I can't wait!"

This season, the daytime talk show is introducing four new segments to their daily show: "Daily Catch Up," "The Talk Talks Back," "Eat Up" and "Feel Good Fridays." Inaba says she loves the theme of this season "because I think especially in these days, people need to feel heard." As she broke down each segment, the Dancing With the Stars judge detailed quickly what viewers can expect. The "Daily Catch Up" will give the gals a chance to catch everyone up on their day and night, while "The Talk Talks Back" gives hosts an opportunity to address and/or respond to viewer comments.

"Eat Up" will be featured as a quick food segment giving viewers new options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And a way to honor local hometown heroes, "Feel Good Fridays" is The Talk's way of helping make a difference. "As you've seen through the pandemic, a lot of people are struggling, but throughout the struggle, we've also seen some heroes arise and we are going to be rewarding small business owners and little hometown heroes and highlight them and give them a thousand dollar gift card in recognition of the work that they're doing and the good that they're doing. And The Talk's at-home audience is going to help us nominate who those people are. So it's really a collaborative effort," Inaba said. This season of The Talk will feature an exclusively remote audience.

The co-hosts aren't stopping there, however. According to Inaba, they'll be addressing the mental and emotional side of the struggle people have dealt with as a result of the coronavirus with a segment called "Having The Talk."

"We're starting the first one with the October Mental Health and Wellness," she explained. "I think these are important conversations to have, and I'm honored and proud to be part of the panel that will be discussing this."

In detailing her time in hair and makeup, Inaba admitted that working in the studio is something everyone took for granted prior to 2020. "We were just saying, 'Wow, so much we took for granted, truly,'" she said.


The Talk, which features a new set to allow the ladies to be safely separated, premieres Monday, Sept. 21 on CBS. For more on Carrie Ann Inaba and your other favorite television personalities, keep it right here at PopCulture.com.