'The Masked Singer' Reveals the Elephant, and It's a Skateboarding Legend

The Masked Singer recently introduced viewers to a new crop of contestants, Group B, on the Feb. 19 episode. And shortly after introducing viewers to the likes of the Taco, Banana, and Kitty, they unmasked yet another mystery celebrity. On the latest episode of the hit FOX series, the Elephant was unmasked and revealed to have been skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

None of the judges — Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, or Nicole Scherzinger — managed to guess the identity of the Elephant. Although, host Nick Cannon did say that he knew who it was shortly after the Elephant was unmasked.

Hawk was the first celebrity in Group B to be unmasked. In prior weeks, several contestants in Group A of the competition were unveiled including Lil Wayne, Drew Carey and Chaka Khan. The Masked Singer's showrunner Izzie Pick-Ibarra previously told Billboard in late January that Season 3 of the show would be broken up into three "mini-seasons" with Groups A, B, and C each getting their time to shine. On Feb. 26, the competition will continue with the five remaining contestants in Group B.

Following his time on the FOX series, Hawk spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his performance and whether it would be the start of his very own singing career. In the interview, Hawk said that he considered doing the show for some time before he finally agreed to do it.

"I definitely sat on it for a while, yes. But the idea that I was anonymous was probably the thing that most spoke to me," he shared. "I felt that I could do it without having the embarrassment or being self-conscious. To be on display with your face is one thing, but to just be out there in a costume as a character is a whole different thing. The costume provides you literal cover."


When asked whether he'd give a singing career a go in the future, Hawk noted that he's probably going to stick to his day job.

"This was a perfect fit because it was anonymous. It was something I've always wanted to try," he told EW. "I have no interest in dancing. I have no interest in being put in the jungle. I have no interest in trying to get a job as a chef. This was the right option."