'The Conners': Darlene's New Job Brings Possible New Love Interest

The Conners presented a promising job opportunity for Darlene that could lead her to a very different love interest that has been associated with in the past.

Tuesday's latest episode, "Miracles," began with what seemed like a serious milestone in Darlene's (Sara Gilbert) new relationship with preschool teacher Neil (Justin Long). The couple had dinner at Casa Bonita with the rest of the Conner family, though the situation turned comical after Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) brought up a hilarious truth bout her niece's new relationship.

When Neil ordered the shrimp tacos, Darlene brought up that shrimp are peeled off by child labor overseas and then ordered him to get something else. When he nervously did not put up a fight, Jackie brought up the obvious reality that the man is very similar to Darlene's ex-husband David (Johnny Galecki).

Darlene refused to believe it at first, but then opens up to the truth when Neil returns from the bathroom and admits that he has a tendency to fall in love with dominant women.

The next day, Darlene breaks up with poor Neil off-screen but tells Jackie that he was "devastated, until I told him he wasn't." Their conversation is interrupted by Dan (John Goodman), who is laughing from a magazine called "Locke Em Up" that he bought at the AM/PM.

The local publication is a magazine that publishes local mugshots and reveals the crimes they committed to keep the community informed and entertained. Darlene criticizes the cheap magazine at first, but is excited to find out they are hiring, and she decides to apply.

At the office, she meets Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) and she tries to convince him that she would be perfect for the job because she could bring life to the magazine with better writing. The pair have a debate about changing the magazine, but he still hires her.

"That's your office, you can go home at 6," he says, pointing to a desk across from his.

"I have kids," Darlene tells him, hinting that she can't stay that late.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You can stay as late as you want," Ben responds.

After she writes her first story, the two debate about how Darlene has to keep her writing simple as their audience does not enjoy complex writing. Darlene pitches that the magazine could expand if they had a website and she volunteers to build it, which leads Ben to promote her to managing editor of the publication.


To celebrate, the pair agree to get some take out Chinese food and eat together. Ben says he will get the shrimp fried rice. Darlene tries to tell him the shrimp fact she previously gave Neil, but he says he's a "grown-ass man" and can make his own decisions.

What do you think about Darlene possibly dating her new boss? The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.