John Mulaney's Black-and-White Photo Ahead of 'SNL' Has Social Media Swooning

Earlier this month, Saturday Night Live veterans John Mulaney and Andy Samberg stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to perform a SNL sketch that never made it to air. While the sketch was a riot, the appearance on Late Night gave the Internet a surprising gift no one was prepared for. Mulaney posted two black and white behind-the-scenes photos from the taping on Instagram, which instantly sent some of his fans reaching for hand fans to cool down.

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The two photos showed Mulaney wearing a black T-shirt like James Dean and a bearded Samberg looking like he just came back from hunting for sharks with 1970s Richard Dreyfuss. The pictures sent fans swooning.

"Moments before 'Second Chance Theater' will be taped to air that night on [Late Night], Andy Samberg and I talk s— and forget to study our scripts," Mulaney wrote on Feb. 6. "Check out 'Griff Banks' from Tuesday's episode. It was a Samberg, [Colin] Jost and Rob Klein masterpiece even though it never made it to air and contained two uses of the term 'gaping snorf.'"

"BRB just crying over how good he looks in these photos," one fan wrote.

"You have become Classically Hot," another chimed in.

"This is a thirst trap and u know it babe," another wrote.

"YOU LOOK SO ATTRACTIVE IN THESE PICTURES THAT IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE," one fan with the caps lock button stuck wrote.

Fans took the swooning to Twitter as well. Many were shocked at just how good the two comedians looked.

"John Mulaney looks so hot in this photo I didn't even process that that's Andy Samberg looking hot with a beard right next to him," one person tweeted.

"This is the first time I've seen John Mulaney not looking like he's from 1958," another joked.

Mulaney spent this past week preparing for a special Leap Day episode of Saturday Night Live. After NBC announced he was picked to host an episode for a third consecutive season, Mulaney had to postpone a Feb. 28 show in Toronto. Mulaney shared an open letter from SNL creator Lorne Michaels, who grew up in Toronto.

"I think considering the state of affairs that this country is in, the need for John is greater in New York right now," Michaels wrote to his fellow Canadians. "John was fully prepared for Toronto and feels deep regret to postpone for a third time, but he was drafted by SNL. Yes, we still have the draft here. He is simply doing his duty, and there is nothing more Canadian than that."

"A letter from Lorne Michaels to the people of Toronto. Please read and understand I am terribly sorry to move the show again," Mulaney wrote. "It is now rescheduled for April 10 and I will be there no matter what. I love you Toronto I hope you know that I won't let you down again. Also I'm afraid of Lorne so I do what he says."

Mulaney's latest appearance follows the release of his new Netflix special, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch, a hilarious tribute to children's television specials covering adult subjects. Former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, who is SNL's musical guest this weekend, is among the celebrities who made cameos in the special.


SNL airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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