'SNL': Jack Harlow Shines in Sketch Before Delivering 'What's Poppin' and 'Tyler Herro' Medley

Jack Harlow had Saturday Night Live viewers take notice after he lit the stage up with a medley of [...]

Jack Harlow had Saturday Night Live viewers take notice after he lit the stage up with a medley of "What's Poppin" and "Tyler Herro" from his latest album, That's What They All Say. The musician joined last night's host, Emmy-winner and SNL alum Maya Rudolph, as the musical guest for the episode.

Harlow even got a chance to appear in a sketch before his performance, playing a very swift janitor during an Eminem parody breaking down the blockchain, crypto and the wave of NFTs that will destroy society. But his performance that followed showed why he's guesting on the show's return episode.

Some fans were quick to point out that they had no clue who Harlow was until he was name-dropped by Chet Hanks during his divisive "white boy summer" declaration earlier in the day. But still a lot of fans were happy and only a few detractors were left questioning why he was invited to SNL.

Harlow is currently prepping for his next release, which he hints will feature a collaboration with an incredibly successful artist. In an interview with Big Bank and DJ Scream, he tells the Big Facts podcast that of his main influences –– Drake, André 3000, Lil Wayne, Eminem and JAY-Z –– fans can expect a song with one of the artists listed to come next. "One other one is coming right up," Jack Harlow said before DJ Scream repeated the exact words. "One other I listed is coming right up."

"Out of the five I listed, I've talked to three, worked with one, about to work with the second one, but I've had convos," Harlow said. The "Already Best Friends" rapper was recently nominated for a grammy this year. At the time of his nomination, the rapper told the Recording Academy, the recognition was a "great stamp" for his career. "It's something I can carry with me for the rest of my life. A win would be huge but to be nominated is a great step for me. If anything, it just raises the bar. I love when these things happen because it gives me something higher to shoot for, to keep pushing myself. I'm forced to hold myself to a certain standard now. I'm GRAMMY-nominated."