'SNL' Takes Jabs at Mitch McConnell Amid Rumored Health Issues in Cold Open With Jim Carrey, Maya Rudolph

This weekend's Saturday Night Live episode may have fallen on Halloween, but the cold open was strictly about politics. Although the writers had no easily-parodied single event like a debate or town hall to lampoon, they still found a way to highlight the differences between Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, played by Jim Carrey, and President Donald Trump. Carrey's Biden opened the show with a special Halloween message for Trump's voters. The sketch also included a reference to the questions about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's health.

In the sketch, Carrey's Biden began by trying to calm Americans' worries about the election results. He wanted to read a scary story, first picking up a copy of Donald Trump Jr.'s book Triggered before deciding that was "a little too scary." He decided on Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, although this was a very different version. Kate McKinnon swung into the library as Hillary Clinton, who continued reminding Biden that Democrats "lost before." Biden told her to stop being a drag, but Clinton continued reminding him about all past issues. "This time is different. I can win! The people know I have a plan," Biden said. "But your real advantage is you're not a woman; you're a man!" Clinton reminded him.

Clinton left the scene, only to be replaced with Nate Silver (played by Mickey Day). Biden said he noted Silver's 538 websites showed him ahead, but Silver reminded Biden it was totally possible Trump could win. "I'm just gonna leave because I think this country is haunted," Silver said. "This country is not haunted!" Biden said. "We just have to come together like two butt cheeks to stop the crap." Next, Ice Cube (Kenan Thompson) and Lil Wayne (Chris Redd) showed up to say they were voting for Trump because of taxes.

Biden's running made, California Sen. Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) showed up. Biden said he was confident, at which point McConnell (Beck Bennett) popped in. McConnell claimed he was "pulling" for Biden, which prompted McConnell to give two thumbs up, showing his purple hands. "Basically, my blood hates me so much; it's trying to leave my body," McConnel said. "Either that or I'm looking for a way from my Horcrux." The sketch ended with Biden and Harris trying to offer some words of confidence and urging people to vote. In reality, McConnell has denied he has any major health issues and laughed off questions about his health.


Last weekend's episode kicked off with another debate sketch, aiming Biden and Trump's final presidential debate. The SNL writers poked fun at several memorable moments from the Nashville debate, including Trump insisting the country was "rounding the corner" on the coronavirus pandemic, despite the rise in cases and deaths. "We're doing terrific," Baldwin's Trump quipped. "We're rounding the corner. In fact, we're rounding so many corners, we've gone all the way around the block, and we're back where we started in March!" Maya Rudolph played the debate moderator, NBC News journalist Kristen Welker, who had a Biden bingo card she marked off each time Biden made one of his favorite remarks.

This weekend's Saturday Night Live is the show's fifth consecutive new episode, a record for the long-running sketch comedy series. That record will be extended on Saturday, Nov. 7, when Lorne Michaels and his crew put together another show. This weekend, comedian John Mulaney hosted, marking his fourth time overall and second time in 2020. The Strokes are the musical guest, and they are also making their fourth appearance on the show. The group is promoting its latest album, The New Abnormal, which came out back in April.