Sarah Paulson Reuniting With 'AHS' Co-Stars Finn Wittrock, Jon Jon Briones on Netflix Series 'Ratched'

Sarah Paulson will be reuniting with her American Horror Story co-stars Finn Wittrock and Jon Jon [...]

Sarah Paulson will be reuniting with her American Horror Story co-stars Finn Wittrock and Jon Jon Briones on Netflix series, Ratched.

According to Collider, Ratched will be a prequel to the Oscar-winning drama One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which was released in 1975 and starred Jack Nicholson.

Paulson will star as the title character, Nurse Ratched (originally played by Louise Fletcher), who was the main antagonist of the classic drama. The new series will begin in the late-'40s, and will follow the fictional nurse as she works her way through the American psychiatric health system.

Briones will be starring as the head doctor in charge of the facility where Paulson's character is employed, and Wittrock will be playing a violent criminal with whom Nurse Ratched shares a secret.

Ratched also re-pairs the three actors with producer Ryan Murphy, who created American Horror Story. He describes the show as "a feminist horror story," and previously said of the sociopathic character it follows, "She's one of the great villains…she's like a female [Hannibal] Lecter."

In addition to Ratched and American Horror Story, Murphy has created a number of high-profile series, such as the recent shows Pose and The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Regarding The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Murphy previously said that he was compelled to tell the story because of how fascinated he was by the life of Versace's killer Andrew Cunanan, comparing him to Kim Kardashian.

"I was really into in the idea that he did all of this to become famous," he said while speaking to the audience at GQ Live in Los Angeles. "He was the original Kim Kardashian. What was that about? It was that he had a father who told him that what mattered in the world was money and fame. He couldn't do it on his own, he had to take it from the people who had it to get it, which was why he killed Versace."

Murphy spoke candidly about Pose — a series about the LGBTQ ball culture world in New York City in the '80s — and stated that the subject matter was very close to his heart because it was something that he himself was a part of in real life.

"What was important to me was that it was treated and it was announced like everything that I had done," he said, as reported by Deadline. "It took a while for that to happen. It would not have happened in 2006. It was only a decade ago I couldn't get something like that on the air."

Ratched is scheduled to debut on Netflix sometime in 2019.