'Live With Kelly and Ryan' Guest Host Stuns Ryan Seacrest Amid Kelly Ripa's Absence

A recent episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan allowed Lisa Rinna to shake things up in true Real Housewives fashion during a recent guest hosting appearance on the ABC morning talk show. While co-host Kelly Ripa is out on vacation, Rinna filled in along with Ryan Seacrest. However, Seacrest was left gobsmacked at one point after Rinna delivers a candid line of questioning and commentary during the pair's interview with actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw, per The Sun

Mbatha-Raw had been discussing her recent travels when the fun moment took place. While explaining how she filmed a movie in both Northern Ireland and Italy, which was a "real treat" for her, the actor continued, "To be in Venice, one of my favorite cities as well. So much art and culture. There are so many things now open. And it's been a really great cultural experience. To take in the food and culture, and the history." While the focus of the conversation was on Mbatha-Raw's European excursion, Rinna couldn't help but comment on her gorgeous appearance. 

"You're so gorgeous! I'm just gagged by it!" Rinna blurted out during the interview. "I mean, seriously! I have to say that out loud!" At that point, Seacrest moved toward the camera as he said, "Is that in the cue cards? It's not in my notes." It may not have been in Seacrest's notes, but Rinna continued, "I'm rarely speechless. And you are just stunning. Your energy is so beautiful! Anyway, I had to say that."

Rinna filled in for Ripa amid her vacation with her husband Mark Consuelos, which the talk show host has been chronicling on Instagram. In addition to interviewing Mbatha-Raw, Rinna and Seacrest also had some fun banter at the start of the episode. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star got a bit "personal" with her co-host as she asked him whether he was interested in having children. The question prompted Seacrest to nearly spit out his coffee as he chuckled over Rinna's candidness. After the laughter settled down, Seacrest did admit that he would have kids if the timing worked out. He also explained that he has a small family and that he enjoys being an uncle to his three-year-old niece Flora, who is the daughter of his sister, Meredith.