'New Amsterdam' Leaves Fans in Dismay After Major Character Exits Series

The most recent episode of New Amsterdam has left fans in dismay after a major character appears [...]

The most recent episode of New Amsterdam has left fans in dismay after a major character appears to have exited the series. The show has teased exits and returns over the past several episodes, since coming back from last season's cliffhanger ending, but now it seems that at least one doctor will not be returning to New Amsterdam hospital. Please note: Spoilers below for Tuesday night's episode of New Amsterdam.

Following his brush with death after contracting a potentially deadly virus, Dr. Vijay Kapoor — played by Anupam Kher — is revealed to have resigned from his position as the head of New Amsterdam's Neurology Department. This development has not sat well with fans of the show, who are taking to social media to make their frustration known. "I rebuke this development. Somebody needs to go to Dr. Kapoor's house or something," one fan tweeted. "I'm (not) okay with Vijay taking some time off to recover, but I need him to show up at least mid-season or end of [the] season," another fan added. "We can't lose Dr. Kapoor."

For many fans, Dr. Kapoor's friendship with the head of the New Amsterdam Psychology Department, Dr. Ignatius "Iggy" Frome — played by Tyler Labine — is one of the best parts of the series, and something they are not thrilled about losing. "Dr. Kapoor's friendship with Dr. Frome is one of my favorite parts of [New Amsterdam's story]," One fan tweeted. "Gonna miss all the lessons & wisdom he brought to the show."

As far as why Dr. Kapoor is exiting the series, no official explanation appears to have been shared. TV commentary site Matt & Jess surmises it could be related to Kher's availability. The outlet reports that Kher has been spending time in India, his home country, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The site speculates that travel issues could be related to his character exiting New Amsterdam.