Neve Campbell on 'Party of Five' Reboot: 'I Love the Idea'

The Party of Five reboot got the greenlight back in January — but could Neve Campbell be [...]

The Party of Five reboot got the greenlight back in January — but could Neve Campbell be returning with it? The actress hinted that she could be making a cameo appearance on the previously-announced Freeform reboot.

While on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, Campbell was asked whether she'd be open to an appearance on the series, which is centered on a first-generation Latino family that has immigrated to the United States.

"I love the idea of the new reboot because it's very timely. From what I understand [after speaking to series co-creator] Chris Keyser...they're doing it with a Mexican family whose parents have been sent across the border, and they have to figure out how to stay together and be a family and raise each other," Campbell said. "I think that's really poignant and important, and I'm really impressed. So if they want me to come and support somehow and do a scene in it, I probably would."

The original Party of Five, which ran for six seasons and over 140 episodes on Fox from 1994-2000, featured the Salinger siblings' struggles after their parents died in a car crash. Campbell, Scott Wolf, Matthew Fox and Lacey Chabert shot to stardom as a result of the Golden Globe-winning drama. In addition to its revolving theme of a death of a parent, the original series also tackled issues like substance abuse, domestic abuse and cancer. Fans will remember Jennifer Love Hewitt's guest appearances and her short-lived following spinoff, Time of Your Life, with Jennifer Garner and Pauley Perrette.

The new series, from Keyser and fellow original series co-creator Amy Lippman, has been given a pilot-production commitment from Freeform and will follow the Buendias siblings, whose parents are unexpectedly deported to Mexico.

Keyser and Lippman will serve as writers and executive producers. Michal Zebede will write and co-executive product, while Rodrigo Garcia is set to direct and also executive produce.

The reboot found a home at Freeform in January four months after rumors surfaced that Keyser and Lippman had readied their old drama for a reboot.

While reboots remain that the forefront of TV trends, another admittedly smaller trend emerging in the TV world is immigration. Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez has sold two immigration-themed shows to CBS and the CW: a dramedy called Illegal following an All-American teen who suddenly discovered he's not actually American, and a medical drama called Have Mercy about a Latina doctor who moves to Miami to open a secret medical clinic in her apartment.