NBC Updates Proposed Plan to Drop 10 PM Hour

NBC's current format and the memories of Must-See TV have long been a staple for fans, and those fans have won the day for now. According to Deadline, NBC has decided against canceling the 10 p.m. hour slot from their larger broadcast schedule.

Cutting the ten-hour from the schedule would mean the loss of a lot of content real estate and it was a surprise when the news made the rounds back in October. NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said no decision had been at the time, but that has now changed, according to Deadline.

The outlet reports that the details were relayed by NBC Universal Chairman of Entertainment Content for TV and streaming during agency presentations, ensuring the network isn't leaving the 10 p.m. spot behind.

This doesn't mean the slot is safe forever. Deadline notes that sources say the news shared above is good through the end of the 2023-2024 season, but the company is still looking to "evaluate its options."

Losing the ten slot on the schedule would have major TV repercussions outside of the content offerings becoming slim. It would also cut into the success Dick Wolf has had in the spot for decades. It would also undermine any massive crossover events in the future for Law & Order and the One Chicago franchises.

These anchors have been in place for decades, with others appearing from time to time, including E/R during the heyday of NBC's Thursday lineup. That said, NBC is also looking to take new directions with its future programming. One that Deadline highlights is Found by creator Nkechi Okoro Carroll and starring Shanola Hampton, calling it "an example of the distinct, character-driven procedurals."

NBC is also apparently looking to expand its comedy offerings, hoping to find a little luster of the past with workplace comedies, "big swings" like The Good Place, and other concepts that have been a success in the past. The network will have the real estate to play with for now, and the bonus of Peacock to allow some shows to breathe and gain an audience.