NBC's Least-Watched Shows Revealed

NBC's fall TV ratings are out, and the network's two least-watched projects might surprise viewers. TVLine revealed the full list, with Dateline Mystery and the College Bowl coming in at the bottom. The weekly news program pulled in just over 2 million viewers, and the sports event came in just under 2 million viewers. According to the data presented, both were the "lowest-rated non-CW series" programs to air on the network.

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On the upper end of the list, Monday Night Football completely dominated with over 18 million watchers. Snagging second place are Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., which tied. Chicago Med, the third show in the Dick Wolf-created trifecta, didn't make the list until fourth place. It came in behind Law and Order: Special Victims Unit in third place. One significant piece of information on the list is Young Rock Season 3 coming in only above Dateline Mystery and the College Bowl with only 2 million viewers. The data notes that this appears to be due to NBC moving the show to Fridays, which caused a significant drop in viewership.

PopCulture.com previously had a chance to chat with professional wrestler Luke Hawx, who portrays the legendary "Stone Cold" Steve Austin on Young Rock, and he opened up about how the epic role came his way. "Initially, Young Rock had reached out to me for coordinating the wrestling," Hawx shared. "Chavo Guerrero Jr. is their coordinator, and he had another project he was scheduled to do that overlapped just timing-wise, so they needed somebody to fill in."

He added, "Chavo worked it out where he could end up staying. So a week later they reached out to my agent and said, 'Hey, we actually want Luke to audition for Steve Austin.' And I thought, 'Man, there's no way in hell I'm going to get this role.' It's just such a big opportunity, to play Steve Austin on the number one family comedy on NBC with the biggest star of all time right now, Dwayne Johnson, right? It was such a huge opportunity."

Hawx later shared that his son actually helped him capture his audition for the role. "I had my 10-year-old son with me and I said, 'Son, you're about to learn how to shoot an audition and read for me,'" he explained. "I thought it was going to be a challenge because he's never done it before and I had to teach him. I had to teach him all this stuff and we learned it."

The former WWE star continued, "We went over it together and he crushed it. And when I mean crushed it, it brought my energy up 10 times through the roof, because I'm like, My 10-year-old son, who's never done an audition in his life, is absolutely crushing reading and filming for me. So my energy went up. I mean, it shot up like a rocket, right? We hit a home run. I got the role. So I got to contribute it to my 10-year-old."

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