'Murphy Brown' Breaks Into White House, Confronts Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Murphy Brown continued her criticism of President Donald Trump's White House during the second [...]

Murphy Brown continued her criticism of President Donald Trump's White House during the second episode of the revival season, fighting with stock footage of Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the process.

After the enigmatic reporter finds out that her son, Avery (Jake McDorman), has been invited to attend the White House Press Briefing, Murphy decides to get herself a spot in the room — despite being "banned" from the White House after her Twitter war with Trump in the season premiere.

"It was a series of verbal skirmishes... which I won," Murphy (Candice Bergen) says to her son and friends at Phil's. Avery reveals that he plans to ask a questions about healthcare, and he is confident Sarah Huckabee Sanders will call on him, as the pair grew close in the campaign trail.

Murphy adds: "If I did get back in there I would ask a question that would blow the roof off that place."

Once Avery leaves, Murphy says she could totally get back into the White House, and viewers see as she tries to call people she knows who worked there, but they have all already left or been fired.

Her solution? She dons a ridiculous wig and sneaks into the White House and the press briefing, coming face-to-face with Sanders — played by a voice actor and shown by stock footage from previous briefings.

Murphy interrupts the briefing and takes Sanders to task on how she has done her job as Press Secretary.

"The role of the White House Press Secretary is to create transparency in the government and tell the American people the truth," Murphy started. "But that's not what happens in this room. Whether it's about a meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, or a made-up mandate that requires separation between parents and their children at the border, it call comes down to the same thing... so here's my question... why do you lie?"

Sanders appears to answer, saying, "I think that's an absolutely ridiculous question." But Murphy does not stop there.

"If we can't get to the truth, why are we even here? I say we get up and walk out right now," she adds, talking to her fellow reporters. "I say we get up and walk out right now. Let's show this administration we're not going to take it anymore, come on let's go!"

As she signals for the other reporters to go with her, she realizes none of them, including Avery, move. She walks away feeling disappointed.

That night, Murphy and Avery have a discussion on the issue where Avery tells her that she had good intentions, but if reporters walked away from the White House, then all that would be left would be Trump's Twitter feed and the reporters they have in their pocket.

Murphy realizes that what she did was wrong and apologizes to her son, which he takes as an opportunity for a hilarious new ringtone.

Who will the show shine a spotlight on next? Murphy Brown airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.