Molly McCook Responds to Fans During 'Last Man Standing' Season Premiere After Recasting Controversy

Last Man Standing's new Mandy thanked fans for their feedback on stepping into the new role for [...]

Last Man Standing's new Mandy thanked fans for their feedback on stepping into the new role for the revived seventh season on Fox.

Molly McCook — who stepped into the role of Mandy for Molly Ephraim — took to Twitter to interact with fans of the beloved sitcom, answering to both positive and negative feedback from viewers on her performance.

"Loving your positive feedback. People can change and DO. Crazy concept but true," McCook tweeted after retweeting a message from a fan loving the new Mandy.

She then began to quote tweets from other fans, having an open conversation about the change in the series.

"Yes you maybe not the original Mandy, but [Fox] [Last Man Standing] hired you for a reason and you're doing your interpretation of the character and doing great!!! Can't to see the rest of the season!!!!" one user wrote.

"There's some refreshing changes this season. Keep your hearts open and have fun with us!!! Xoxoxo," she responded.

Another user wrote: "I just want to say that you REALLY have captured Mandy's essence in this series. You must've studied her well! You are a fine actress in my book."

She responded by complimenting Ephraim, saying, "As wonderful as Molly Ephraim was on the show... the idea was to make her my own. We all decided that if we were to recreate, I would've failed miserably. So we had to make it new and different. We'll find a good rhythm, I promise."

She also took on her critics, with one saying that they didn't like "the new Mandy at all," but that doesn't stop them from tuning in.

"At least you can keep watching, so I must not be TOO horrific," she clapped back.

The show made a joke out of the recasting by having the members of the Baxter family comment on Mandy's appearance without saying exactly what was different.

"Mandy... I love it," Eve said, as Kyle seemed confused and had previously noted something changed about Mandy but he didn't know what it was.

By episode's end, Kyle came to the revelation that she was "taller and blonde," which caused laughter from the studio audience.

"Did you guys like that we pointed out the obvious? It's my favorite part of the episode. We like to include you on the jokes. It makes us feel like we're playing WITH you. And the show DID move and Mandy DID change... so ?????" McCook tweeted at the end of the episode.

What are your thoughts on the new Mandy? Tune in to Last Man Standing Fridays at 8 p.m. on Fox.